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Two Brothers, Many Companies


As Clay Mazur, and his brother Stacy Mazur found more and more success as entrepreneurs, it was a natural step in their corporate evolution to form Mazur Capital. As an investment and development firm, the company fosters business growth on all levels. Their investment portfolio includes projects that are  privately held, as well as others which are open to other investors. Additionally, the brothers have had direct, hands-on involvement with their investments, or have operated on a silent-partner basis.


Clay Mazur is the Managing Partner of Mazur Capital, running operations from the Fort Worth main office. His vision and talent for revitalizing overlooked and forgotten real estate has often times led to the gentrification of an entire district. His creativity drills beyond a site map to reach street level, as each property is thoughtfully designed, and constructed or refurbished to honor historical assets and natural surroundings. His business acumen is refined by his background as a pragmatic COO, balanced with his ability to take the right risks at the right time.


Stacy Mazur is the other partner of Mazur Capital. He is currently the CEO/President of Interstate Restoration, the first company founded by the Mazur brothers. Interstate Restoration is an international business, providing large-scale emergency response, restoration and reconstruction services to areas hit by natural disasters, fire, terrorism or vandalism. The company has expeditiously restored and rebuilt hotels, hospitals, multi-family complexes, office buildings, and other facilities all over the world.


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